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A Personal Confession

I’ve got to tell a little story on myself. I thought I was really good at accepting poker as it is. I shrug off bad beats, losing streaks, and so on. When Tommy Angelo and I were discussing accepting the game as it is, I suddenly realized that I overreacted to slow players

I was shocked. One of my greatest strengths is game selection. I avoid tough players and look for weak ones, especially tourists and drunks. But I ignored the fact that these people inevitably slow down the games.

I was essentially mimicking the people who got upset by bad beats. They wanted bad players to make mistakes, but never sucked out on them. I chose to play against very bad players, but didn’t want them to do what they naturally did: talk too much, drink too much, and slow down the game.

Obviously, my reaction was irrational and destructive. If I chose to play against weak players, I should accept slow games. If I couldn’t accept that slowness, I should play against better players.

I hope you learn from my confession. Nearly everyone overreacts to something, and the reaction is much more important than its cause. Every game is a package deal, and you have to make tradeoffs, accepting the negatives to get the positives. Loose games are profitable, but frustrating suckouts are inevitable. Tight games are boring, but you can easily bluff. Tough games can be costly, but they can be stimulating and help you develop your skills. Whichever game you play, you have to accept it just like it is. If you react emotionally to anything, it will cost you money.



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